Saturday, October 10, 2020

Drunk on Seismology - Liquefaction Red IPA

The next up in the Drunk on Geology series is Liquefaction Red IPA, the 2016 Geological Society of America specialty label by Left Hand Brewing. Left Hand Brewing was also responsible for the Field Assistant Ale specialty label from the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting. 

Like the Field Assistant Ale, this label is designed by Moxie Sozo and features a couple of geologists in a field vehicle that happened to get inundated within some liquefied sediment. A more complete view of the label can be seen below in the sticker that was given away at the meeting.

The back label

Liquefaction is the process where normally solid sediment can start acting like a liquid when shaken. This can cause multiple things to happen including shaking the ground like Jell-O, or even buildings getting swallowed up within the sediment, like quicksand. Normally, particles in the sediment, are tightly packed. However, during an earthquake, the sediments start to shake and vibrate. As they move about, the spacing between the sediment particles increases. As the spacing increases, the ability for the sediment to act like a liquid increases.