Friday, September 4, 2020

Drunk on Chemistry - The Logo

For my next logo, I worked long and hard trying to come up with a Drunk on Chemistry logo that will work well and I think what I did came out well. 

It combines a lot of "typically" chemistry lab apparatus with some some other things that I like to mix into the logos. The wine glass this time is made up of an ethanol molecule. The two lower beakers and the wine bottle have molecules from wine that I got from

The lower beakers contain flavan-3-ols, a compound from the grape seeds, and anthocyanins, a compound from grape skins. The wine bottle contains tannins and flavonols. And of course, my tube is in the shape of a rock hammer, because even though it is chemistry, it's still Drunk on Geology (or drunk on geochemistry if you will). 

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