Sunday, October 27, 2019

Drunk on Astronomy - Dubhe

The next up in our Drunk on Astronomy series is Dubhe Imperial Black IPA from right here out of the Uinta Brewery in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Dubhe was a word that I saw on the package and I had to Google it to determine if it was a geological word or not and what I found I was rather surprised about. It turns out that Dubhe is the end star of the Big Dipper (as highlighted on the package). 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Drunk on Astronomy - The Logo

The next Drunk on Geology category I am ready to announce is:

Drunk on Astronomy

This logo follows the new design that I made for all of the Drunk on Geology logos. With this Astronomy logo I wanted to highlight the constellations of what could have been, had geologists picked them out.  

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Drunk on Seismology - Aftershock

What better alcohol to follow up on the last entry's Earthquake with than this liqueur - After Shock.

After Shock is a product of the Jim Beam company with several varieties. The main one I am aware of (and the one pictured below) is the Hot and Cool Cinnamon version. It is a rather strong drink (80 Proof) with a strong cinnamon taste.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Drunk on Seismology - Earthquake Petite Sirah

And we flash back to my very first Drunk on Geology post that was over at my The Geology P.A.G.E. website. This was the wine that made me want to start devoting a decent chunk of my time just researching random wines, beers, and other spirits and finding out their geological connections.

The first in our Drunk on Seismology series is Earthquake Petite Sirah by Michael David Winery. This has been and is still one of my favorite geologically related wine bottle designs I have seen. I love the seismogram through the label and how the label is "torn" to highlight the pattern.

To give a little bit of science to this post. An Earthquake is:

Monday, September 24, 2018

Drunk on Seismology - The Logo

The next Drunk on Geology category I am ready to announce is:

Drunk on Seismology

Check out the logo below:

Here we have some seismogram lines, displaying a wine bottle and wine glass in the background.

Here is the old logo that has since been updated.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Drunk on Paleontology - Riff Pinot Grigio

Our next Drunk on Paleontology post is for the Riff wines. Riff (German for reef) wines are Italian wines made by Cantina Riff Progetto Lageder. The ammonite shown on the bottle of the 2012 bottle (pictured below) has also been changed for the 2013 wines, so it is likely I may feature this wine again.  

Monday, September 17, 2018

Drunk on Volcanology - Lava Cap

Our next entry into Drunk on Volcanology is Lava Cap. Lava Cap is a Californian wine:
"Nestled in the lovely Sierra Nevada Foothills, Lava Cap Winery's handcrafted wines will awaken your senses. We are pleased to celebrate over 25 years of wine making with you."
One of the neat things about this particular geologically friendly wine is that the Chardonnay, El Dorado bottle was labeled especially for the GSA meeting in Denver for 2013, celebrating GSA's 125th birthday.

For a nice breakdown of the geology of the region in which the wine is grown, check out this article by Earth Magazine.

From Lava Cap's website:
Lava Cap Winery takes its name from volcanic rocks that cap the ridges on which their vineyards are developed. These rocks weather to produce a rich cobbled loam soil that is ideal for growing grapes of supreme quality. Geologist and founder of Lava Cap, David Jones and his (wife) Jeanne carefully selected this acreage based upon remarkable intensity of color, aromas and flavors. 

These special bottles were available for shipping to your house. Unfortunately I live in the most unfriendly wine shipping state ever (Utah) so I could not get my hands on one that way. Luckily, GSA hosts an auction every year and they had a couple of bottles on hand, one of which I grabbed for my blog (see, clearly for the blog).
"The Geological Society of America® is celebrating 125 years of geoscience innovation with this Lava Cap wine, nourished by the prime volcanic soil of the Sierra Nevada Foothills. As geologists themselves, the Jones winemaking family appreciates GSA’s interests in Earth’s history, processes, and resources.
Here’s to 125 years of ground-breaking geoscience, and our passion for the never-ending mysteries of the Earth!"

So go out and try some of Lava Cap's other assortment of wines today!